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Jodhpur Furniture

Jodhpur, in Rajasthan, is a city blessed with magnificent palaces and forts. It's also often considered as the home of the Indian furniture industry. Jodhpur furniture has garnered worldwide acclaim. Anybody intending to furnish his living room, bedroom or drawing room, can go for Jodhpur furniture. Master craftsmen carve out intricate designs on the pieces of furniture. The pieces liven up the interior of a room that adorns such furniture. The artisans making the furniture are usually involved in the profession for generations. Jodhpur furniture is long lasting, durable and requires only basic maintenance making it look as good as new for centuries.

Wholesaler and Supplier

Shiva Creations is a major wholesaler and supplier of all types of furniture. The range includes wooden furniture, metal furniture and even camel bone inlay furniture. The latter has designs engraved on furniture with white camel bone inlay. Furniture is supplied to all corners of the globe and often wholesaled. Dealers buy the furniture in bulk and resell them to intending buyers. The sales cycle runs in this way. Wholesale purchase makes more sense to large buyers. Besides, channel partners reach the products across the world. Sometimes, independent suppliers also handle the direct sales on behalf of the company within a designated area or region.

Manufacturer and Exporter

Buying Indian furniture from an Indian manufacturer and exporter makes sense to most buyers. The international market extends quality furniture products for suiting the tastes and preference of all types of customers. Shiva Creations is a leading manufacturer and exporter of furniture. In some cases, free delivery and shipping is ensured by the company to the wholesaler or at the buyer's address. The advantage of buying furniture directly from the manufacturer is that you can be assured of the quality. From antique to contemporary, from wooden to wrought iron, almost any furniture can be had of a manufacturer and exporter.

Sheesham furniture

Sheesham furniture is handcrafted from Indian rosewood. The polish and the beautiful smooth quality have made sheesham furniture very popular. Its golden honey color and the darker streaks in grain, has lent the wood an individual and strikingly attractive appearance. The wood has knots and this adds individuality to every piece of sheesham furniture. The knots also make the wood more durable than many of its peers. Besides, the wood is versatile and hence more resilient to the wear and tear of daily life. It's affordable as well. Almost all types of furniture pieces can be made from sheesham wood like tables, chairs, mirror frames, wine racks, sideboards etc.

New Arrival

Bone Inlay Furniture

Bone inlay furniture is a rare art. It's a design that has inspired us at Shiva Creations to learn the intricacies that goes into giving life to such furniture that has become collectors' items over time. We take pride in our craftsmanship that has earned appreciation from furniture enthusiasts and aficionados whom we serve all over the globe.

We aim at spreading the rich royal Rajasthani traditional craftsmanship of bone inlay furniture to all parts of the world. Jodhpur is considered to be the home of Indian furniture and products from this city adorn homes of both commoners and the rich and famous. Furniture crafting has been a way of life in this city of forts, palaces and havelis.

We, at Shiva Creations have personified the revival of traditional motifs and designs in our bone inlay furniture. We strive to create timeless classics that are artfully carved by some of the best craftsmen of the world. Well, there aren't too many of them these days. We revere our craftsmen who are driven by their passion and have kept alive this rare art form. Keeping in mind the international clientele we serve, we incorporate internationally recognized finishing and designs that withstand the taste of time.


Reclaimed Wooden Furniture: The New Favourite

Reclaimed wooden furniture has become the new favourite of furniture enthusiasts. Not only collectors, such furniture are being sought after by the public in general. Beside the eco-friendly angle, reclaimed wooden furniture brings with it a unique character that can't be found in new furniture. In fact, the antique appeal forged by reclaimed wood is unparalleled.

Most governments across the world have enacted stringent laws on tree felling to check deforestation. This has made fresh wood dearer. When you use reclaimed furniture, you are not only addressing the issues of environmental protection, but also expressing your concern for global warning and sudden climatic changes. The stability and durability of 19th century furniture can hardly be found in new furniture. Hence, reclaimed wood is much sturdier compared to new wood.

At Shiva Creations, it's our constant endeavour to bring to life aesthetic looking reclaimed vintage furniture. Our furniture is not only rich in its qualities, they also speak volumes about the Indian colonial heritage. We export such furniture to all corners of the world and take pride in serving eminent furniture connoisseurs, who time and again, have reposed faith on us. Many of our reclaimed furniture enthusiasts are repeat customers and we take pride in catering to their tastes.     


Indian Wooden Furniture

When it comes to wooden furniture, there's nothing that can beat the Indian variety, especially when they're handcrafted. Furniture from India has found its place all over the world and not merely limited to the geographical boundaries of the country. There's a vast range of furniture including, living room, dining room, contemporary, traditional, antique and others.

Indian furniture is very popular all over the world and is much sought after. Realizing the difficulty that Indian wooden furniture enthusiasts face from in purchasing Indian furniture items, Shiva Creations entered the world of online merchandising of furniture to alleviate all the problems.

Shiva Creations deal in all types of Indian furniture, but particularly popular are its wooden furniture. Sheesham furniture manufactured by our company is one of the best and has earned worldwide appreciation. We also deal in various other types of furniture like recycled, metal, painted and others. Shiva Creations is a leading Indian furniture exporter.

The reason why furniture from India has amassed great popularity is that they are durable and last over centuries. Indian furniture is often known to pass down from generations to generations. They retain their value even through rigorous use and with a little bit of maintenance.


Industrial Vintage Furniture

Industrial vintage furniture captures moments from the past and are usually witnesses to the humdrum of industrial activity. They often speak huge volumes about time bygone and fans of such furniture are growing by the day. Such furniture don't suffer from the downside of furniture making these days with wobbly legs and misfit joints that are manufactured by companies only interested in quantity and not quality.

Why are people showing an increasing interest in vintage industrial furniture? This is simply because the wood and other materials used in workshops, factories and other industrial establishments are known for their sturdiness. They are able to withstand the tortures of time better. Being reclaimed in nature, they are also economical compared to freshly sourced wood.

To us, at Shiva Creations, making furniture out of vintage industrial material is less of a business and more of a passion. We strive to strike a balance between aesthetics, functionality and strength while carving out new furniture from industrial vintage wood. It's not merely about giving a new coat of polish but refurbishing the wood to make furniture pieces that appeal to the sensibilities. Hence, you can be the proud owner of a piece of furniture that has been a silent witness to the industrial revolution.


Metal Furniture

Trends in the furniture industry changes very much like the fashion industry. Materials, themes and pieces that are a fad these days, could be outdated soon. People's tastes are changing constantly and newer types of furniture are finding their place in the market.

Over the last few years, metal furniture has made inroads in the lives of people. Gray and white metal furniture or brass furniture are being increasingly spotted in households and offices. While the initial acceptance was reluctant, metal furniture slowly began to make inroads in the furniture market. This was partly because of the fact that governments all over the world had imposed strict restriction on tree felling and the use of wood.

Shiva Creations have some wonderful pieces of metal furniture in its repertoire. They are surely to suffice the needs of all furniture aficionados. Our furniture gives your home a tasteful, contemporary and attractive look. Everything that you wanted from dining chairs and tables to kitchen cabinets and children's furniture can be availed of us. Our basic iron and wrought iron furniture have become immensely popular. They reflect a nice blend of contemporary and traditional styles that gives an appealing look to your living space. Our range of metal furniture exudes aristocracy.


Painted Furniture

If you haven't yet looked at the range of painted furniture available, you've certainly missed out on something. The finishing and the look are to major reasons why people buy painted furniture. 

Another major reason behind people buying painted furniture is its adaptability to the existing furniture pieces of the house. People don't have endless money to always buy new furniture. Most people, these days, prefer to buy one or two key pieces of furniture and prefer to go for more economical options. For instance, painted bedroom furniture matches equally well with existing furniture that sports a modern finish. Again, while furnishing a new room, you can go for fully painted wooden furniture to forge a relaxing and dreamy look.

You can furnish your entire home from our select pieces of painted furniture. Well, we are not suggesting that you do likewise, but you can certainly pick up a couple of pieces and liven up some dull corner of your house. The finishing on painted wooden furniture is usually satin and that doesn't clash with the other furniture of the room. Our quality painted furniture is extremely affordable and they have graced many homes across the world. Even a simple painted bedside table can give your room a makeover.


Client's Testimonials

Francoise - Uttar Pradesh Have ordered furniture to Shiva Creations. Have provide photo and measurement of each goods. During the process of manufacturing, have received feedback point by point from Pradeep Thanvi, that’s have given me the feeling that all my comments was taken in count during the processing. Read More
Nikhil Banka – Bangalore From day one I personally liked your confidence on the products got explained, pictures sent and communication that made the deal move smoothly. Really good products and fine delivery! Thank you very much. Read More
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