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Traditional Indian Charpoy

Charpoys are rustic yet traditional pieces of furniture that has been in use in India for centuries. Indian charpoy furniture are still extensively used. These are very basic beds that are made with four short legs and a coir rope that’s wound around the frame that supports the legs.

All our traditional Indian charpoy are handmade. It begins with the careful selection of the choicest wood that must be well season and have a uniform grain. They are cut and chiseled to secure the frame and the coir. The frames are then made. Here special attention is paid to the dimensions of the tenon and mortice joints. Screws and nails are not used.

The frame of the charpoy is now finished as per the customer’s order. This typically involves the application of a wooden stain that’s followed by several more coats of varnish. Each step is carefully monitored so that every product can boast of a top class finish. 
At last the stringers are ready for weaving their magic. It starts with the knurled cross band followed by the actual waving. Lastly, the tension strings are attached. The rigorous process of tightening the strings is repeated several times so as to get the tension right. A quality check is undertaken and the Indian bed charpoy is stamped and ready for delivery.

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