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Preserving History with Industrial Vintage Furniture

Furniture designing is constantly changing for staying abreast of the latest trends that emerge in the market in every year. Designs can vary from traditional to contemporary. The latest of furniture designing incorporates sustainable or green furniture materials. 

While many furniture pieces that we see these days incorporate recycled materials, industrial vintage furniture has begun to appear in the scene. We have largely begun to incorporate antique and vintage artifacts in many of our new creations. This means production of limited edition furniture that many assembly line furniture manufacturers fail to manufacture. Our designers pursue an artistic approach to their craft and hence we can serve our clientele in the best way with our vintage industrial furniture that can hardly be found in any typical furniture.   

Recycled industrial vintage furniture focuses on the use of wood and materials reclaimed from workshops and factories. Whether you’re going for an armchair, antique coffee table or a glass cabinet, you can get all them from industrial vintage furniture. Such type of furniture is unique and forges a sense of elegance and style to a room. It also adds a bit of completeness and sophistication especially when such furniture perfectly complements the interior of your home. 

While vintage furniture is considered to be the ‘in’ thing these days. While the gear is always towards modernization, there’s always a niche clientele who prefer vintage industrial furniture items. If for them that we make limited editions of such furniture with ingredients sourced from workshops and old factories. 

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